International Students

Kitebridge & Domestic kids at NorthThe Kitebridge Partnership

Lutheran High School North partners with Kitebridge to offer international students a comprehensive educational and boarding program. The Kitebridge boarding program is designed and led by career educators to prepare international students to enter America’s most competitive colleges and universities. This program includes academic support, college prep and counseling, TOEFL classes, and cultural and recreational activities that immerse students in the American educational experience.

Kitebridge students live in central St. Louis in a comfortable dormitory setting with a structured schedule designed to cultivate their academic, social, and physical well-being. In addition to teaching staff who specialize in English language instruction and former admissions officers from top-tier American universities who offer insight into the admissions process, Kitebridge has fulltime resident counselors who supervise students and guide their academics and activities, while maintaining regular contact with the school and with parents to report their progress.

Parents and students are encouraged to learn more about Kitebridge by visiting the program’s website: Kitebridge.

Students who wish to apply to the program may do so by downloading and completing the Lutheran High School North application for international students:  LHSNInternationalApplication

The Dorm Mentor Program

Lutheran North domestic students who have dreams of attending a top university and pursuing a career that takes advantage of global opportunities can apply for the Kitebridge Dorm Mentor program, providing unique challenges to give them a competitive edge.

Lutheran North students selected to serve as dorm mentors live for one or two semesters with the Kitebridge international students in their adult-supervised dorm, located in central St. Louis. While serving as dorm mentors, the students will literally become Kitebridge students, interacting with the international students in a supportive, family atmosphere focused on academic success.

Benefits for all Dorm Mentors:

● Build leadership skills through engagement and encouragement of international students.
● Cultivate friendships and awareness of other cultures in preparation for living and working in a global world.
● Fulfill service hours for Lutheran North.
● Complete course requirements for an optional practical arts credit at Lutheran North.
● Increase organizational skills.
● Build self-confidence.

Additional benefits for high school juniors:

● Access to Kitebridge individualized college counseling resources and connections to top university summer programs.
● ACT/SAT test preparation.
● Opportunity to include a description of this unique leadership experience on college applications/essays.

Additional benefits for first semester high school seniors:

● Ability to focus on the college application process apart from, but with the support of, family and friends.
● Access to top university admissions connections through Kitebridge.
● ACT/SAT test preparation.
● Opportunity to practice independent and group living skills in a safe, supervised dorm setting before college.

A Short-Stay Dorm Stay Program is also available. For more information about these opportunities, contact Mrs. Julie Meyer, Director of Admissions, at 314-389-3100.