International Students

Lutheran High School North partners with Kitebridge to offer international students a comprehensive educational and boarding program. The Kitebridge boarding program is designed and led by career educators to prepare international students to enter America’s most competitive colleges and universities. This program includes academic support, college prep and counseling, TOEFL classes, and cultural and recreational activities that immerse students in the American educational experience.

Kitebridge students live near the Lutheran High School North campus in a comfortable dormitory setting with a structured schedule designed to cultivate their academic, social, and physical well-being. In addition to teaching staff who specialize in English language instruction and former admissions officers from top-tier American universities who offer insight into the admissions process, Kitebridge has fulltime resident counselors who supervise students and guide their academics and activities, while maintaining regular contact with the school and with parents to report their progress.

Parents and students are encouraged to learn more about Kitebridge by visiting the program’s website: Kitebridge.

Students who wish to apply to the program may do so by downloading and completing the Lutheran High School North application for international students:  LHSNInternationalApplication


Annie NguyenAnnie Nguyen. Class of 2014 graduate

“Studying abroad at LHSN has been my greatest experience. When I was in Vietnam, I really worried and thought life would be hard in America, but when I came here, everything made me surprised. Everybody was very welcoming! The teachers were very nice, they spent time with me and are always ready to explain what students don’t understand.”

On my first day of school, I only heard and understood 50% of what my teachers said. But now my English has been improved and I think I understand all the lessons. I also made friends with a lot of people. Rachel Tucker and Brittany Hammond helped me a lot with my homework and projects. Also my best friends Sara Jolly and Madison Waller are the two who I can talk and share everything. I really love this school and I am glad that I am back this year. If you are worried about understanding things and adapting into school environment, I would say that’s ok, don’t worry because I used to have your feelings and I felt good here. Thanks Mr. Hipenbecker for accepting me as a student of this amazing school!”

Tae LeeTae Lee, Class of 2014 graduate

“My experience at Lutheran High School North is that first of all, I was very impressed about how they welcomed me when I first came to Lutheran North. I did not know anybody from here and it was all strange to me, however, as I was walking through the front door, I had most of the students’ attention, and they all came up to me and helped me to find classes and many other things. Second, Lutheran North has a lot of outstanding and awesome teachers who are passionate to teach with their best ability and to make the classes joyful and happy. Third, Lutheran North has diverse sports that you can play. I played soccer and golf, and I enjoyed playing so much. I highly recommend Lutheran North to you.”